Trump inspired Ecstasy Pills Appear Again

Last year a batch of orange pills imprinted with the face of US president Donald Trump came into circulation, and soon after 5000 were seized in a police raid in Germany.

Now police in Indiana have seized what looks to be a new batch, printed with the words “Great Again” on the reverse rather than the original tablets’ “Trump ★NL”.

The police raid was codenamed “Operation Blue Anvil” and targeted a small-time drug trafficking enterprises.

Police patrols made roadside stop and searches across six days, resulting in 129 arrests on drug-related charges. It has not been revealed how many pills were uncovered. Cocaine, heroin, LSD, marijuana and other drugs were also found.

Indiana State Police Sgt. Dan Prus said: “The patrols should also serve as a warning that police officers will utilize all of the resources at their disposal to catch and arrest the few who transport illegal drugs.”

Via: mixmag