Tripeo returns with ‘Eighth Trip’ EP

Darko Esser returns with two powerful, finely crafted techno pieces on the eighth installment of his Trip series, ‘Eighth Trip’ his first release since 2015.

‘Untitled #15′ drives forward with sullen aggression; eerie morphing synths gaining strength and swaying atop aggravated deep-hitting drums, all constantly meandering in space and energy.
On the flip side ‘Untitled #16′ is forged with less aggression, but just as much tension; a morose cowbell sounds, offset from a moody drum pattern that beats beneath an extra-terrestrial synth, creeping, and probing, throughout the whole piece.

Altogether ‘Eighth Trip’ is yet another rich-sounding release from a champion of the darker, deeper realms of techno and it is out on September 8th.