Tommy Farrow unveils next single from his 2024 EP

UK based producer and DJ Tommy Farrow has unveiled the sophomore single ‘Her’ from next year’s much anticipated EP. The release is out today via Funfair Records.

‘Her’, is a no-frills, hedonistic club track, making it an essential addition to any peak time DJ set. With a seamless fusion of techno and deep house elements, it stands out as a testament to Tommy Farrow’s commitment to pushing musical boundaries. 

Speaking about his new release Tommy explains: “‘Her’ was such a joy to create. I love the mixture of bright synths with menacing basslines and stabs. The LFO synths really create that hypnotic feel to the track.”

This is the follow up to his October release ‘We Should Find The Stars’, which in comparison is a more gentle vocal led record and a testament to Tommy Farrow’s broad production repertoire. 

‘Her’ captures the essence of the dance floor, delivering a no-nonsense, high-energy experience and is a bold declaration of Tommy Farrow’s commitment in crafting records that resonate with the pleasure seeking spirit of club culture.