Time Traveler returns on Chronicles Diary

After his successful ‘I’m Made of Stars’ LP last year, Michele Pinna brings his Time Traveler moniker back to his Chronicles Diary imprint with ‘Chapter V: Chronicles from 1957’. Following the label’s concept ‘Chapter V’ is dedicated to his mother Anna Maria and time is being stretched back to her birth, where past and future seem to collide through Time Traveler’s dystopian vision of techno.
A1 opens the EP with an industrial killer groove and Time Traveler’s distorted vocals prompting to follow him in an out of control journey.
A2 rushes in with a more mental and compulsive beat, where synths and percussions converge. On the flip side, we find B1 infused with hypnotic modular melodies and intense rolling analog grooves. B2 concludes Time Traveler’s journey with its finally crafted, hammering beats, ecstatic bass synths and drum patters.