This Exhibition Will Take You Back To Techno Berlin In The 90s

nineties berlin takes you back to the legendary berlin of the 1990s. immerse yourself in the life right after the fall of the berlin wall and experience the myth of ‘berlin’.

Relive the decade when subcultures and creatives enjoyed a playing field of endless possibilities.

The exhibition shows the decade after the fall of the berlin wall when berliners and people from all over the world used newly free spaces, when a unique club culture developed, and when life in the once divided city changed rapidly. high-profile contemporary witnesses such as dj westbam, the politician gregor gysi or the co-founder of the loveparade danielle de picciotto and key players of the alternative scene from east and west, exclusively report on their unique experiences in berlin at that time.

berlin: a vibrant party city, political hub and symbol of freedom – be a part of it and experience the legendary anarchistic freedom that has influenced berlin to this day.

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