Things to know about Killer Drug PMMA thats being sold as Ecstasy


A KILLER drug that is often mistaken for ecstasy has claimed the lives of dozens of young Irish people in recent years.

Dr Death — aka PMMA — has been linked to more than 40 deaths around Ireland in recent years, with experts warning of the dangers of the illicit substance.

The 25-year-old’s body began ‘cramping’ and following his death a toxicology report later showed PJ had taken the synthetic drug PMMA rather than ecstasy or MDMA.

Tony Duffin, CEO of the Ana Liffey Drug Project, told how the deadly killer drug is a cheap alternative to ecstasy that is almost impossible to identify.

He said: “It’s not possible to tell if a pill is MDMA, PMA or PMMA by sight, smell or taste. “Given that this is the case, PMA/PMMA present significant risks to those who use ecstasy, as they are likely to believe they have taken MDMA.”

Often taken with alcohol, PMMA can cause an extreme high temperature, hallucinations and can lead to heart failure.

Back in May 2015, teenager Ana Hicks died after taking three pills she believed were ecstasy which were later revealed to be PMMA.

The Ana Liffey Drug Project is hoping to raise awareness of the dangers of PMMA by educating and warning ecstasy users of the dangers of taking an unknown substance.

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PMA (Paramethoxyamphetamine) and PMMA (Paramethoxymethamphetamine) are stimulants with hallucinogenics effects similar to MDMA.

However, they are toxic at lower doses than MDMA and can also take longer to take effect.

After the intake of a small amount of PMA/PMMA, blood pressure and body temperature rise steeply.

The effects can feel similar to MDMA, although less euphoric. Larger doses can lead to coma and death.


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