These are 10 Strongest Pills Tested this Summer

The Loop has been testing ecstasy pills at music events across this summer and shared details on the 10 strongest pills tested, advising caution for anyone who comes into possession of the tablets.

The harm reduction charity shared a graphic on Twitter, showing images of each pill alongside information on how much MDMA each contains

Most potent is yellow and white Technogym branded tablets, containing 330mg of MDA, with orange and white Sprite, blue Punisher, purple Audi and pink and purple Skype pills also containing up to and beyond 300mg.

In the tweet, The Loop also wrote: “#harmreduction is our mission, our motto & our mantra! Here are the 10 highest strength pills tested by the Loop this summer, all 200+mg MDMA. These pills, like most tested by the Loop in 2019, contain 2+ x an average adult dose of MDMA. Take care of each other. #StartLowGoSlow”.

Via: Mixmag