The UK is ‘The Biggest Consumer of Cocaine in Europe’?

The UK almost earned the status ofthe “biggest consumer of cocaine in Europe” and, as counrty’s parliament says, blame is being aimed at smartphones.

According to Mixmag, Ben Wallace, the UK’s security minister, shared his thought of the connections via encryptions and smartphones that are making it easier for young people to trade drugs than ever before.

Wallace said: “In the past there were plenty of middle men between local gangs and the big, serious, organised criminals running out of Colombia, or Balkans’ gangs. That has reduced, and now what you find is through absolute, often safe and secure, encryption, the ability for young people to order their drugs, gangs to get delivered literally to their door large packets of drugs from Albanian drug gangs or indeed from local drugs.”

Wallace said that drug is no longer just being used by the rich in inner cities, and due to smartphones, cocaine is easily accessible in villages and rural communities.

So, are the smartphones and communication really the key factor in increase of drug use or is it something else?