The 10 Best Songs About Popular Party Drugs


Many of the same drugs can often be found at house parties or raves at clubs, and that’s why we have so many songs about them.

In recent years, media influence is writing and posting more about drugs while musicians are getting inspired by drugs such as cocaine.

Songwriting about drugs spans genres. Drugs are the part of nightlife, rave and electronic culture and whether some people are using it often, sometimes or never, it is present on the dance floor and in music.

Here are our picks of 10 songs to know.

Artic Wolf – Drug propaganda 

Pig&Dan – Drugs and Techno

DJ Koze – XTC

Emmanuel Top – This Is Cocaine

F.U.S.E. – Substance Abuse

Fur Coat feat Cari Golden – You and I (Cocaine Ketamine)


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