Terence Fixmer to release his first LP on Ostgut Ton

‘Through The Cortex’, Terence Fixmer’s sixth solo album and his first on Ostgut Ton, is techno with a voice – or rather multiple voices – guiding listeners through hypnotic, space- and social-themed terrain as a kind of dark soundtrack to darker days.

Across eight tracks at a compact but varied 40 minutes, the LP touches on an aesthetic hinted at in recent Ostgut Ton releases, revealing a sonic narrative through noisy, screaming synth/vocal riffs with a jagged, guitar-like post-punk sensibility.

The mesmerizing Suicide-like pop of single “Accelerate” sees Terence Fixmer using his voice as an instrument, chanting the track’s ambiguous title in an invocation of systemic change/collapse.

‘Through The Cortex’ is out on October 12, and can hear first tune of the LP below.