Teenage Mutants drop ‘Die Transformation’ on Filth On Acid

For FOA119 Teenage Mutants emerge from the shadows again. The German duo are underground mainstays who bring the rave across four super new cuts including collabs with Dok & Martin and Heerhorst. Their new EP will transform every dance floor into a burning theatre! Uno, dos, tres fuego!

Die Transformation kicks off with heavy techno kicks and pinging bass. It’s a late night brain fryer with lashings of acid and bright synths. Vidy is another heavy cut carved from rock. The serrated synths tear up the grooves as soot-black pads bring the shadowy atmospheres. Teenage Mutants then join up with Dok & Martin for Fuego which is edgy and tense, with post apocalyptic rave vibes and eerie synths. Teatro with Heerhorst is the closer with more deep space feel from the lush pads, but still plenty of industrial texture and dark techno drums.

Grab it here.