Techno Fans Rejoice – You Can Own a Piece of Berghain

Piotr Nathan’s 82-foot entranceway mural has been taken down and sold in pieces.

Piotr Nathan’s 82-by-16-foot mural, Rituals of Disappearance, has been taken down in 171 separate panels to allow for Berghain’s entrance area to be reconstructed. The immense painting, which was first installed in 2004, is the first visual impression that guests see as they enter the club’s front doors.

Rituals of Disappearance is only to be fully understood in the context of the music at the club, the people who celebrate there and the unique aura of the space,” Nathan explains. “To me, it is therefore conclusive to dissolve the work and distribute it among the people who have a connection with Berghain.”

Are you worthy of owning a piece? Find out more about how to buy one of Nathan’s fragments here.