Super Flu drop ‘Gargamel’ EP on Monaberry

Here’s what you get when you spend your money for a Super Flu release on Monaberry.

We’re proud of the way we make releases. By the time we’re through putting together an EP, 190 hands have inspected and handled the tracks. Any one of those hands can reject the songs if they’re not up to Monaberry quality. Keep that in mind as you hear the following music. Super Flu deliver the best 100% dancefloor tunes in the business. They have to be tough enough to withstand 120 decibel of pressure at a single point.

That way, we’re sure you’re getting the strongest music. The drums of Gargamel are bonded by hand. That helps to make the tunes more comfortable for your dancing shoes. What*s more, Humbled K has a fully cushioned synth line for extra comfort. All the hi hats are duoble or triple stitched by machine.

The top of each file is box stitched so that it can’t open. Period. But it’s the finishing touches that really count. All the basses are waxed by hand to keep the weather out. After a meticulous final inspection by Feliks and Mathias we have the Gargamel EP. We think they*re the best tracks made.

That’s why we don’t mind asking you to spend your money for them. Grab your copy HERE.