Study confirms taking MDMA and Ecstasy makes you more stressed

It might help you have a great time on the weekend but it’s making you a tense and stressed the rest of the time

A study made by Swinburne University of Technology came to a conclusion that taking MDMA or ecstasy makes you more stressed.

They used hair samples to measure the amount of stress hormone cortisol in the hair of sixty-one participants. The groups tested were either heavy users, light users or a control group who never took MDMA, and their stress hormones were recorded over the course of three months.

Perhaps more worrying for everyone who uses MDMA and ecstasy are the results. They were pretty straightforward, the more MDMA or ecstasy, the higher the stress levels. 

So they are not chill pills after all. People usually take them at first signs of tiredness, but we you overcome it you can be awake and even dance throw after parties without taking any drugs. That’s something we suggesting you should try, for better music and vibe experience. 

Rave on!