Stream second single from Oliver Huntemann’s upcoming album

​There’s no denying Oliver Huntemann’s influence on the European techno scene, having built a long and impressive career from his Hamburg base. His Senso Sounds label has provided an outlet for consistently high quality techno and tech-house, and the arrival of his fifth album ‘Propaganda’ continues to show how his sound and aesthetic became even more deadly with time. One of the key moments of the album is ‘Poltergeist’ – an exceptional journey into Huntemann’s feel for sound design and space in a club context. ‘Poltergeist’ charms with its seeming simplicity, before you realize you have been bewitched by shifting, evolving grooves and haunting synth blasts. The young Russian Maksim Dark adds his own interpretation of ‘Poltergeist’ to the release, edging up the darkness a little more and producing a growling, tough techno workout that will go over big on a lot of floors this year.

01. P​​oltergeist
02. Poltergeist (​​Maksim Dark Remix) ​