Space 92 drops his scintillating new Polaris EP on Filth On Acid

Emerge yourself on a sound quest with Space 92’s latest release, the “Polaris” EP, out via Filth on Acid.

The exhilarating release features two tracks, “Polaris” and “The Last Voyager”, going into the core of techno and acid-dripping beats for an otherworldly trek on the dancefloor.

The title-track sets the stage with throbbing rhythms and intense build-ups, creating pure euphoric anticipation and a powerful pace to move to.

“The Last Voyager” follows up with slithering, darker acid sounds, marked by a whizzing percussion and tripped out stabs.

Space 92’s “Polaris” EP is a hard-hitting release for techno lovers, giving yet another impressive display of Space 92’s inventive and unforgettable productions.

Artist: Space 92
Title: Polaris
Record Label: Filth on Acid
Cat.Number: FOA168
Release Date: 28th June 2024

1) Polaris
2) The Last Voyager