Simina Grigoriu preps ‘Ace Killer’ EP on Kuukou Records

Kuukou Records and Simina Grigoriu deliver a hard-hitting, straightforward techno piece entitled ‘Ace Killer’.

Simina Grigoriu is responsible for release number 11 of Kuukou Records with a tension-driven, deep-tech exploration made up of one original and two weighty remixes.

The mood is set from the get go – eerie chants, a dark textured bass line and sharp stabs create a late-night chamber atmosphere. Winding rhythms soon follow, creating an utterly magnetic sound wave in a sonic surrounding that’s fit for peak time. Live techno master Torsten Kanzler puts his studio chops into play for a spellbinding rearrangement of the title track. The initial ghostly sample gets elongated, the vocal bit distorted in a remake that amplifies the darkness factor.

Cosmic Boys’ rendition is surreal and solemn with grave accents, aptly showing off the producers’ attention to details. A zig-zagging main synth reigns movement and mystery throughout the entire cut, on a backbone of downplayed percussion pads.

All in all, three cavernous techno tracks that are brushed and sharpened for the prime hours of the night, with differing degrees of after-hour versatility.

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1. Ace Killer (Original Mix)
2. Ace Killer (Torsten Kanzler Remix)
3. Ace Killer (Cosmic Boys Remix)