Serena Butler launches Bene Tleilax imprint

Almost a year has passed since the ghost of Serena Butler made its appearance on the Eerie realms of Marco Shuttle’s label. Now s/he and other beings gave birth to a new continuum, called Bene Tleilax, where Serena’s second EP was conceived, From The Cloud To Our Bodies.

Dub visions and found sound sculptures oat over a maelstrom of skeletal techno remains, together with delicate melodies and vocal swarms from a realm where nothing is so sacred that it cannot be reengineered and transformed. A release who seizes alienation as impetus to generate new worlds, still counter-trend to certain dark souls in modern electronic music. Another biomechanical effort which sounds as the perfect nexus of fluid hopes and unparalleled roles.

BNTLX001 comes with four new tracks and is out on September 29th, 2017.