Scene during Coronavirus and how you can help

Help the electronic music community (and others) during the current coronavirus pandemic, AKA COVID-19.

We are witnessing how Corona is changing the scene. Famous clubs closed their doors and major festivals got delayed or cancelled.

Here are some things you can read accross the internet and see how you can help the scene out.

Buy music

* Many have begun sharing Twitter threads filled with Bandcamp links to encourage supporting artists through directly buying their music. New York collective bizaarbazaar has one here, Native Instruments’ thread is here and RA’s Andrew Ryce is sharing music here.

* London record shop Vinyl Pimp, which remains open, is taking some useful steps to limit the spread of the coronavirus. Idle Hands in Bristol is also open and asking the community to “support us in whatever way you can over the coming weeks.”

Attend virtual events

* Cherie Hu has compiled a virtual music events directory that lists existing events, find it here.

One of many starts today with Charlotte de Witte. 

Sign petitions

* Sign and share some of many online petitions for assistance to the events industry during the ongoing crisis.