Sama Abdulhadi Released On Bail After Eight Days

Palestinian electronic musician and DJ Sama’ Abdulhadi has been released on bail by Palestinian Authorities (PA) following an eight-day detention in a Jericho jail.

Abdulhadi was released on bail by PA court order on a cash bond of 500 Jordanian Dinar bail. She’s currently restricted from traveling outside Palestine, and is subject to further investigation on the charges of desecrating a holy site and religious symbols, and violating Covid 19 emergency measures.

Palestinian Authority police arrested Sama Abdulhadi, 30, on December 27, the day after she performed at Nebi Mussa, the burial place of Moses under Islamic tradition, near the city of Jericho.

Initially denied bail, according to her parents, Palestinian rights groups demanded her freedom along with 100,000 signatories to an online petition.

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Her father, Saad Abdulhadi, told AFP that she was released Sunday evening after payment of a $3,500 guarantee to attend a future court hearing, whose date has yet to be fixed.

She is banned from travelling in the meantime, he added.

Sama Abdulhadi is considered by many to be the first Palestinian woman to have become a professional disc jockey and Israeli daily Haaretz has called her the “Palestinian Techno Queen”.

Video of the electronic music event posted on social media showed men and women dancing together at the gathering, sparking public anger and accusations of desecration of the site, where there is a mosque.

At the request of Palestinian prime minister Mohammed Shtayyeh, a commission of enquiry was set up “to determine what happened at Nebi Mussa”.

Saad Abdulhadi said that his daughter had official permission to stage the event at Nebi Mussa, which is also a tourist site.

“I am safe and well, and would like to thank everybody who has spoken out in support of my situation and called for my immediate release,” Abdulhadi said in a statement. “I am overwhelmed by the support from my fellow musicians, artists, activists and the entire music community. I want to thank anybody and everybody who has made me feel so supported. At this moment, I just want to spend time with my family.”