Roger Lavelle releases ‘Cold Fusion’ EP

April the 1st meet Greenjack’s brand new techno records label Absinthe to deliver the second release from Roger Lavelle.

“Cold Fusion” EP is a great two-techno-tracks release for a good continue of the new imprint! Grab your copy HERE.

Roger Lavelle can be described as a veteran DJ, based in Switzerland. With a 25 years career, this primary Trance influenced artist was playing around until 2016. Then, after a short pause, he came back for more, always supporting the underground scene. His music was mostly influenced by influenced by the 90s and 2000s and new release “Cold Fusion” is nothing less than peak time bombs ready to be used!

Tittle track “Cold Fusion” is opening the EP with the thumping of a monstrous beats, which is soon joined by the grinding textures of the ominous bassline. Captivating vocals of the tittle track will be the perfect uplifting moment when heard on the dancefloor!

Release is driven by a dark atmospherics while the tracks builds in intensity until it hits a crescendo in the main breakdown, just before the percussion comes crashing back in. Second original from the release ‘Time Machine’ has a trance-like vibe and it is spiced up with the right amount of acid.


1. Cold Fusion

2. Time Machine