Ricardo Villalobos: ‘I can be a DJ even without drugs’


One of scene’s most loved artists Ricardo Villalobos spoke about his vision of club, his family and more in the latest interview for The Guardian.

In the backstage at the festival Ricardo said to the reporter: “I’m a hyper-kinetic guy, I have a lot of energy – I can be a DJ even without drugs”

“I’m a dancer and I don’t want to dance alone – this is why I DJ”, Ricardo explained.

Villalobos’s work is among the most characterful in techno and minimal. He interpolates and reinterprets European folk music, be it by remixing the middle east melos or sampling a Serbian brass band for his 37-minute masterpiece Fizheuer Zieheuer; he is still one of the most important names out there.

His utopistic vision of clubs is also something worth appreciating that coupld change the aproach some people and promoters have.

“The music manages to meld the classes together, as long as the dancefloor is bigger than the VIP area,” he says. “In a soccer game, you have the same. You have the president sitting in the place for wealthy and important people, and you have all the other people watching. But then suddenly everyone is behaving the same way – Angela Merkel is jumping around like a hooligan. And this happens in parties, too.”

Read the full interview here.


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