Reinhard Voigt’s ‘Apokalypse Mau’ gets limited edition

As one of Kompakt’s co-founders and -owners, REINHARD VOIGT’s varied body of work has informed our musical history from the very start – be it as ambient dance project Sturm, techno rowdy S.R.I., experimental Profan staple Pentax, one third of Cologne’s legendary house boy band Forever Sweet or simply under his real name, with essential releases such as the early Speicher hit “Supertiel”  or recent solo EPs “Kontraste” and “Reisen & Speisen“.

Voigt’s output has found a home on iconic imprints such as Mille Plateaux or Harvest, but also helped kickstart younger labels like Kompakt offspring KX. Back at his home base, he presents new 12″ APOKALYPSE MAU, its two cuts going for the kind of raw, sizzling, single-minded techno that elicits unexpected momentum out of bare-bones synth motives and seemingly random bleeps, turning them into confident rollers for eager floors.

APOKALYPSE MAU is out September 15.