Ramiro Lopez on second ODD Recordings release

Following their incendiary label launch last December, Ramiro Lopez and Arjun Vagale’s ODD Records returns with a mindblowing follow up.

This time Ramiro goes solo, fine-tuning his deep source signature across both timeless dynamic cuts. Resonating with every warehouse rave and 3am darkroom session around the world for the last 25 years… Expect nothing but industrial strength drums, lean loop hypnosis, sinewy acid and a lot of fun.

‘Feel It’ commands with incredible force: unrelenting tribal drums, classic NY vocal loop insistency and an acid build that will drive floors crazy. Whipping up a frenzied storm that’s swept away just as quickly, Ramiro has create a bonafide WTF moment right here.

And if you think that’s chaos, immerse yourself in the acid techno brilliance of ‘Twisted’. Tapping into the raw DNA coded by the likes of Pierre, Green Velvet or Wink, we’re zapped into a trance-like state as the militant acid creates a marching rhythm into absolute oblivion where Juliet Fox’s purring allure awaits. Twisted by name, twisted by nature… ODD by design. Ramiro isn’t messing around here.

ODD Records is releasing Feel It EP on 24th February.