Psychosis-causing ‘fake MDMA’ pills discovered at Parklife festival

Drug safety charity The Loop has issued a warning about a drug found at Parklife festival last weekend.

N-ethyl-pentylone, which resembles MDMA in appearance and smell, was discovered when a festivalgoer brought the drug to The Loop’s on-site testing facilities. The Loop warns that, despite it having similar initial effects to MDMA, it can cause “anxious stimulation,” “severe paranoia,” “temporary psychosis” and insomnia, which could last up to 72 hours.

N-ethyl-pentylone is three times stronger than MDMA, although the overall MDMA-like effects are less intense, according to a Telegraph report. Because of this, users are likely to take more of the drug, which could lead to an accidental overdose. Last year, The Loop wrote that it had been noticing N-ethyl-pentylone circulating at festivals in drugs mis-sold as MDMA.

Via: Resident Advisor