PolyGlove drop ‘Good Face’ EP

Good Face’ is the new EP from PolyGlove which finds the duo channelling sounds from old school raves to dystopian Sci-Fi futures. At first the EP explores the darker side of these future visions but as the record progresses it harps back to a brighter optimistic past, a time before the world became so self aware.

Following on from their last release ‘Leisureplex’ the duo aimed for a grittier and more aggressive sound which was achieved thanks to the re-collaboration with mixing engineer Rían Trench (Leo Drezden, Solar Bears, Panikatax).

The EP also features a remix of ‘Good Face’ from Rain (Oisín McGovern). The mix hones in on the original songs grit while also introducing trippy syncopation to the rhythm section and atmospheric delays creating a dizzying merky terrain verging into a harder sounding Kraftwerk circa ‘Electric Cafe’.

Grab it here.