Police Seize 1.7 Tons of Meth Hidden in Speakers

United States and Australian authorities recently announced that due to the coalition, a shipment containing the largest amount of methamphetamine ever to be seized on United States soil was intercepted by Border and Customs Protection in mid-January at the Los Angeles/Long Beach seaport.

Along with 1.7 tons of meth, 55.9 pounds of cocaine, and 11.5 pounds of heroin were all seized before the cargo ship was able to head toward its destination in Australia. Authorities intercepted three separate containers that were filled with speakers, after further investigation, it was determined that the speakers were filled with drugs, and the bust unveiled an estimated street value of 1-billion US Dollars, and 1.29 Billion AUS Dollars.

It appears as if intel led both parties to be able to deliver a significant blow to a US-based crime syndicate. Arrests occurred for representatives from each side of the map regarding the intercepted shipment. Australian police have arrested six people after serving different warrants, two Americans, and four Australians. Australian police said that the Americans were a 52-year-old man and a 46-year-old woman that were living in Woodstock, Victoria.