Plagiarism or coincidence? Curious Cases of Oxia’s ‘Domino’ and &ME’s ‘Woods’

Question of plagiarism in music, especially electronic music is all time reason for many discussion held on the matter all around the world. As when it happens in more popular genres, the questions remain, were the producers really inspired by some other track and how much similarity is there that can be tolerable.

We decided to dig deeper in the matter, and found out few interesting cases, and we are leaving it to you to decided if it’s plagiarism or just a coincidence

First case we would like to recall happened 2006 and it’s about an all time classic nearly every electronic music fan knows.

‘Oxia – Domino’

When there’s a hit, there is also a controversy, and this one is about all-time classic ‘Domino’ by Oxia that we all love to hear. ‘Domino’ was released on Kompakt 2006, as a part of Speicher 34. This masterpiece marked the career of a French producer and DJ, making him an author of one of the genre’s most notable tracks. But when the tracks was releases, speculations started about it’s authenticity.

Track ‘Domino’ in some opinions resembles track ‘Eve By Day’ from Patrick Chardronnet, that was release a year before ‘Domino’, back in 2005. Short after release of ‘Domino’ on Kompakt there was a discussion about electronic music fans about it, and here is one interesting comment from Connaisseur Recordings, where ‘Eve By Day’ was released.

Answer to the which is this is true and what is the myth? Tracks have some similar moments, but how many similarities are tracks allowed to have, especially in electronic music? We believe it’s best to get to the conclusion yourself. Hear both tracks below.

Patrick Chardronnet – Eve By Day

Oxia – Domino

‘Hannah Wants – Found The Ground’

The most resent case includes Hannah Wants, as British producer was accused of plagiarism of Boddika and Joy O’s track. It all started when facebook user named Patrick Nazemi shared a video in which he compared ‘Found The Ground’ by Hannah Wants with VIP version of ‘Mercy’ Boddika and Joy O released in 2012.

What was obvious in this case was that video of Wants playing Boddika’s track was found, so she was definitely aware of original’s existence.

‘Confucio – Golden Rule’

Another case includes mysterious producer Confucio who’s release was about to make in on Tresor records, but users noted the similarities with other, previously released tracks.

Dasha Rush showed too much similarities between ‘Where The Logic Ends’ from Confucio and ‘Blue Mood’ by Stanislav Tolkachev, released in 2006. The other track that was a problem was ‘The Present Is The Future’ that was almost identical with ‘Self Control’ by Alexey Volkov. Tresor records then negotiated with the labels where original were released, Funque Droppings and Planete Rouge, and payed all income to it, and then removed Confucio’s EP from their catalog and sale.

‘&ME – Woods’

Another case that includes a hit was from two years ago, when &ME was accused for plagiarism by 7th Star, aka Nihil Young and Valentina Black who posted a video in which they compared track they made two years before with ‘Woods’ that was just released at the moment.

&ME – Woods is a rip-off.

Since the very friendly guys from Keinemusik, did nothing but unleash their famous friends on us, and removing comments and banning people from their page. We thought this video explanation was needed. &ME – #Woods, YES IT IS a #ripoff #knockoff of our #7thStar track #Visions.I don't care if the POPE tries to intimidates us by emails and facebook / twitter posts. This is true and you all can hear it for yourselves.besides some technical little things explained in the video, you can clearly hear how the track mimics our mood, style, tribal-infused groove and atmosphere all around.IMPORTANT, this track was played in December, 2013 on this podcast, at min: 45:00 – which is uploaded on soundcloud / mixcloud / hearthis since a good amount of people are asking us everyday. NO. there's not a single preset in this track. 🙂 the arp was sound-designed and programmed by us, also the chords are played throughout the whole track. also the bassline changes from time to time. We know it's not Mozart, but still, it's all our original work, both composition and sound design. thank you.

Posted by 7TH STAR on Sonntag, 16. August 2015

The duo claimed that this was a plagiarism of their unreleased track ‘Visions’ that was produced in October 2013 and sent to other DJs and labels as promo.

Hear both tracks below and let us know your opinions about plagiarism in electronic music and your conclusions in the comments below.