Perc reveals new EP ‘Three Tracks To Send To Your Ghost Producer’

Label boss Perc returns to Perc Trax for his first release on the label since his career defining ‘Bitter Music’ LP in April 2017, an album which featured the infamous ‘Look What Your Love Have Done To Me’, one of the most played techno tracks of the year and Perc Trax’s best selling track to date.

Conceived as a response to the endless wave of rip-off’s, rehashes and re-edits that track spawned ‘Three Tracks To Send To Your Ghost Producer’ strips back the vocals and melodic elements that featured on ‘Bitter Music’ to present a raw, rolling, heavily percussive sound. Kick, toms and hi-hat rhythms play off each other whilst interlocking with the solid kicks that propel each track forwards.

From the spitting acid stabs of ‘Toxic NRG’ to the brutal drop in ‘Driller’ the three tracks are overflowing with the kind of in-yer-face attitude that marks out the best of Perc’s productions, coming together for an EP which once again highlights him as one of the UK’s most forward thinking techno practitioners.