Be A Part Of Techno Future! World’s biggest techno festival is giving company shares to each ticket buyer!

sub:Merged announces The Gathering, the world’s biggest techno festival, which is set to take place from the 22nd to the 24th of September in Breepark Breda, the Netherlands.

Welcoming more than 100, 000 people and 150 international acts, it is a festival that will blow you away in every regard with its grand scale, huge line up and mix of indoor and outdoor parties, and everyone who attends becomes a shareholder. Yes, you’ve read that right.

Anyone who buys tickets for the festival will also be given shares in the company that owns it. It stems from the fact that sub: Merged The Gathering is about peace, love and unity and bringing people together.

As promoters state: ”A real family will share the effort as well as the success, therefor we are happy to announce that every person buying a ticket to the first edition of the festival will get a share in the company. That is 100,000 shares equaling 10% of our company. The shares last for as long as the company is in business, just like our own shares.”

Every ticket receives a share as the following:
– Single Event Ticket = 1 share each.
– Weekend Ticket = 2 shares
– Weekender + Camping Ticket = 3 shares

The signed share certificates will be sent on 01/09/2017 by email to all buyers including the ones who already purchased tickets before the announcement.

Regarding the lineup, Boris, Christian Smith, Dr. Motte, Joop Junior, Secret Cinema, SQL, D-Unity, Mark Reeve, Manic Brothers, Reinier Zonneveld, Roger Martinez, Medhat & Dekkstrum, Silicone Soul, Daniel Miller, Housemeister, Jewel Kid, John Acquaviva, Lisa Lashes, Lisa Oakes, Anti-Slam & W.E.A.P.O.N., Gemma Furbank, Kevin Arnemann, Rob He’s, The Anxious Live, The Yellowheads, Alisha Lawler, Amber and many many more are recently announce, and these are only the first 50 names!

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