Pan-Pot presents Virtual Unreality: A live & interactive digital clubbing experience

The 2 hour DJ set will be livestreamed on 15th December at 19.00 CET and will allow fans to watch via livestream, or participate as avatars.

German techno duo Pan-Pot have teamed up with IN X SPACE and NEXR, two Berlin-based companies specialising in the development of Extended Reality technologies, for a new venture into the world of virtual clubbing experiences. Audiences can view the live show via livestream, with 50 fans able to participate in-show as interactive avatars. Captured by their device’s camera, the avatars react live to the participants movements, triggering effects and unlocking new views within the environment for the most active participants.

Pan-Pot will perform the set in a hybrid studio environment, appearing as avatars on a virtual stage with the ability to trigger stage effects during the performance. ‘We’ve done a lot of live streams recently, in real settings and also virtual ones, but to be able to perform live in this way in a fully virtual world and see the fans interacting with us while we’re playing is totally unique’, says Tassilo Ippenberger, one half of Pan-Pot. ‘We worked closely with the developers to create the feeling and energy of a real clubbing experience, but at the same time going beyond your wildest imagination of what a club setting can be… you take the best bits of the real and virtual worlds’, continues Pan-Pot’s Thomas Benedix.

Fans can stream the event via INXSPACE’s Twitch or Pan-Pot’s YouTube. Those who wish to partake in the interactive experience can keep an eye on the INXSPACE website for news and updates on how to get involed. You can also check out a preview of the show here.

To find out more visit the Facebook or RA event page.