P.E.A.R.L.’s debut LP ‘Temptation Through Impatience’ out in April

There was a time when to die was something slightly different from what it is today. Back in the last days of the middle age, some hidden monk was concerned about how to die properly, according to the catholic
standarts of that era, so he wrote a book that was a cornerstone in that period.

This has been the leitmotiv and ispiration in the concept that drives this album, the Ars Moriendi book from 1415, a book that gave some clues about how to die properly, avoiding lack of faith, despair, impatience,
avarice or spirituel pride, all those actually track titles in this compendium. Album starts with Impatience a short atmospheric drone sets the path to post industrial mayhem, based on
a continuous and obsessive metallic sequence that drives the angst over a dirty rhythm workout until the textures go on top after several bars.
Rules of behaviour breaks the beat into metallic hits as starting point, then more percussive layers add to the main beat until the dark pads take over mixing hate with beauty on a grey canvas.
Despair return to adrenaline, icreasing the tempo, running unstoppable on a relentless sequence with skeleton beats as a driver.
Speculum acts as a sequel from the first track, same sequence different rhythm, extending the anxiety feeling but with a cleaner groove, again a few elements make everything run smoothly no fillers, just tensión.

Lack of faith keeps on with the beat as fundamental component, based on a cemented kick and breathing components that grow during the running time. Avarice returns to harsh kicks and martial sincopation having distortion as the main element until Fm percussions shine on top. Spiritual pride is the adrenaline shot in this album, obessive dry sequences, harsh kicks and razor hats in a direct floor burner. Closing the travel, The search for identity goes underwater: cavernous landscapes and absence of brightness with a pulsating sub frequency doing the low end, while drones and obscure sound design make
the rest.

Release date: April 14th, 2017