Nina Kraviz Says Special Tretment For Female DJ Is “Reverse Form Of Sexism”


Leading lady of techno, known for the infamous for a scene in a hotel bathtub that let to many critics of her colleagues, spoken about sexism on the scene in her latest interview for Channel 4.

In the interview Nina said she doesn’t believe women should receive special treatment “It’s like a reverse form of sexism,”. She believes young female DJs shouldn’t receive different level of support than young boys.

“I just want to support talented people. I’ve been challenged a lot in my professional life. It’s not been always easy, as you might imagine. To be a successful artist requires a lot of effort. Look at the greatest artists. Can you say any one of them had an easy life? No. Some of them sacrificed their whole life, literally. It’s not only this glittery aspect of being famous. It’s just bloody hard sometimes.”, Nina said.

So what do you think? It the majority of male fans responsible for reverse sexism or is it something else?

Watch the interview below.


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