New research shows MDMA can be comedown-free


MDMA can apparently be comedown-free, research says, producing an “afterglow” instead of a severe mood drop caused by a lack of serotonin.

Dr. Ben Sessa, a Bristol-based addictions psychiatrist, MDMA psychotherapist and psychedelic researcher, states that with medical MDMA use, there is no “post-dosing mood drop” making the well-known dreadful comedown “an artefact of sleep loss, excessive exercise and concomitant drug use.”

Earlier this year, Dr. Sessa published a research study that took place at the Imperial College London, where he began clinical trials for the treatment of alcoholism through the use of MDMA-assisted therapy. The researchers said they would use the study as a jumping-off point for further trials, and to devise additional studies using a placebo drug to see if the MDMA actually has an effect.


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