Nabil Hayat marks his return with a brand new EP ‘Floating Ashes’

Nabil Hayat returns with a brand new release, a two-tracker EP that was manifested towards the end of the pandemic, finding now is a good time to release them into the light.

‘Floating Ashes’ EP brings up two intense dancefloor-ready tracks made to revive the rave energy we needed. Incorporating the essence of techno into his creation, Nabil Hayat transports listeners further into his own reflective realm of sonic exploration with his post-pandemic manifest ‘Floating Ashes’ EP.


In true ethos Floating Ashes hits harder with a sense of urgency, deep driving raw drum sounds, pulsating sub basses and clever use of effects. With the right amount of swing, playing with time and space to create the ultimate flow like state.

Ritually next came The Start Is Not which takes you on a deep mystical journey while maintaining those funky rhythmical elements. With its short percussive sounds and spectral textured layered atmospheres that flow in and out will sure to keep the spirits moving.

‘Floating Ashes’ EP is set to be released on May 16th, while you can grab your copy on Beatport here.