Motech Celebrates Milestone With ’15 Years of Motech’ Album

Fifteen years have passed since DJ 3000 embarked on establishing Motech as an outlet channelling something unique in the Detroit Techno realm. The label has consistently balanced the virtues of fostering strong relationships and bringing new inspiring talent into the fold.
In pursuit of building a blue-collar imprint offering an alternate voice from Detroit, DJ 3000 has given life to over 100 releases spanning countless artists and his own productions. From Detroit to Amsterdam to Tokyo and back again, Motech made possible releases and remixes from a slew of heavy hitters they’re proud to call homies, such as Robert Hood, Ben Sims, Gerald Mitchell, Mark Broom, Alexander Robotnik, Truncate, Ken Ishii, Saytek, and Samuel L Session.
Equally as important, DJ 3000 has stayed true to making Motech a platform for under the radar talent, spread throughout Detroit and beyond, keeping their heads down and perfecting their craft. Inspired newcomers like Lionel Weets, Veronique Page, Subradeon and Detroit’s own up and coming Mazepa are helping fuel the Detroit techno flames with a youthful zeal.
Motech has grown a lot in these fifteen years, both on the international stage and as a total sum of close friends that now collectively are the Motech family. But ask any independent – staying true to your vision and surviving as an imprint for over a decade is no small task. Motech has always embraced that challenge, and the label now looks to the next fifteen years and beyond. Rest assured, DJ 3000 is ardently at work guiding the next generation of artists and cultivating new methods to showcase their budding talent.
This talent now includes the likes of fellow Detroit man and Ghetto-Tech legend DJ Nasty as well as a global partnering with the likes of Belgium’s Gerome Sportelli, the UK’s Ben Long and Oliver Way, LA’s Esteban Adame, Pittsburgh Track Authority’s Preslav, Germany’s Jan Heilbrunner, France’s P-Ben and more to make Motech a true global label.
Five years ago, when it came to their ten year anniversary, Motech noted that “we are setting forth to celebrate 10 years of independence, creativity and vision.” That’s as true now as it was then, and we look forward to hearing the next hundred forward thinking releases. Album is out on June 5th.
01. Mazepa – Cass Corridor
02. Alexis Tyrel – Tears Of Mars
03. Gerome Sportelli – Intercity
04. DJ Nasty – Dark & Twisted
05. Mikael Klasson – Closure
06. P-Ben – Horizonte
07. Shawn Snell – Rumble
08. Ben Long & Oliver Way – Mambo’s Revenge
09. Preslav – Driver
10. Jan Heilbrunner – Reflection
11. Esteban Adame – Political Gain
12. Subradeon – Bufala Dop
13. Lionel Weets – Love Is The Key
14. DJ 3000 – Just Work It (featuring Paris The Black Fu)
15. Veronique Page – Metropolis