Moscow nightclub Rabitza raided by authorities

Moscow nightclub Rabitza has been raided by Russian police, with several people arrested, including the venue’s cofounder, staff and clubbers, according to RA.

Video footage has surfaced of the raid, and it shows physical force being used against partygoers and staff. According to a Resident Advisor source, several men in plain clothes entered Rabitza and began to detain visitors and club staff. At the same time, policemen, wearing helmets and body armour and armed with batons, also entered the venue. Around eight members of staff, including security, were taken into custody, with two charged. One of the club’s cofounders, Ivan Radzievsky, was among those charged. (Radzievsky was charged for drug offences—he’s since been released but has been told he can’t leave Moscow.) At least ten partygoers were also taken into custody, but they have since been freed.

Just got word that two nights ago club Рабица in Moscow, one of my favorite places in the city and where we recently recorded a Boiler Room show, was raided by the police, who used excessive and inappropriate force. Patrons of the club have been attacked by the police, beaten, hand-cuffed and members of the staff arrested, some of which are still detained under serious drug related charges. The video below (taken from here: shows parts of the incident and police beating up innocent and peaceful visitors.Needless to say that this is a targeted attack by the authorities on one of the very few safe spaces in Moscow. My thoughts are with those affected by the raid. This is the reality of way too many people out there, and they need our support. Please share!

Posted by Michail Stangl on Dienstag, 8. August 2017

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