Melotherapy 5th Anniversary Tomorrow At Bucharest’s Bunker 91

Melotherapy Records celebrates 5 year anniversary at Bucharest’s Bunker 91 club.

Tickets at the door will be available for 20 RON all night long. For more info and updates on event click here.

Label owner, DJ and producer, Olivian Nour is one of the remarkable names of the minimal scene of Romania. Besides the assiduous work in the studio, taking his productions to the dance floor established him as a recognisable DJ. His sets always represent a composition and are imprinted with his melodic sound, making an impression with track selection and flow.

Cugler had been also standing up to his musical concepts in The Little Paris now for a while and DJ-ing clearly brought him a new perspective and a new sound into his productions, materialised into fresh, innovative tracks meant to make a difference and bring over the right changes regarding the evolution of the micro-house sound the society requests nowadays.

Clarkent is no doubt one of sensations of the moment if you see it that way as he manages to combine his strong desire of affirmation with a constant work in the studio. His music and passion behind the decks prevail to stir the imagination and hearts of those who truly appreciate and understand what good music is; what runs in the veins runs true and very deep.

Full lineup
Olivian Nour