Medusa Festival closes as stage collapse causes multiple injuries & 1 death


One person has died and at least 40 others were injured when high winds caused parts of a stage to collapse at the Medusa festival in Spain.

Footage showed festivalgoers running in panic after the incident, while others are seen continuing to party.

Medusa Festival in Cullera, Spain, ends celebrations early as extreme weather conditions caused the tragic death of one festival goer, also injuring many others.

Tragedy has struck for the 2022 edition of Medusa Festival, as in the early hours of this Saturday morning, 13 August, high winds that reached around up to 40mph (although some other sources are suggesting that there were highs of 51mph) caused the main entrance and part of the main stage structure of the festival to collapse. Due to this, one person who is described to be a 22-year-old male has sadly passed away due to injuries caused by the metal structures.

Tents were filmed blowing aggressively in the strong winds as gusts exceeded 80km/h (50mph) in the country’s eastern coastal region at the time.

The popular electronic music festival, which was due to continue until Sunday, has now been suspended.

Three of those injured in the early hours of Saturday suffered serious trauma, regional emergency services said.


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