MDMA Safety: Tips For Ravers Who Choose To Use Ecstasy

We all chose how we will experience raves, and for those who use MDMA and Ecstasy here are some medical tips.

First, DanceSafe is a grassroots organization that promotes health, education and safety within the rave and festival community. DanceSafe is also one of the leading groups promoting “harm reduction” policies in the rave and festival community. “Harm Reduction” is a public health philosophy that encourages policy choices at raves and fests that reduce the risks associated with the use of MDMA. According to article on showbams, here are some basic medical facts you should know.

The Number One Risk in using MDMA isn’t actually using MDMA

Main problem with ecstasy is that with it you are taking unknown substances into your body” into the “risk” rather than “benefit” category of Ecstasy usage:

What’s happening these days, though, is you have no idea what you’re taking. Maybe it’s MDMA, but it could also be any other number of drugs, research chemicals, or prescription drugs. When someone buys “Ecstasy” or “Molly” maybe it’s MDMA, but it’s very possible it could be anything else you can think of. A bag of white powder is inherently very dangerous since you have no idea what’s in it.

Test your Stuff

Because of what you read above, its important to test your drugs, and a lot of festivals offer free testing you brought. Festivals are allowing people to test the purity of their cocaine and ecstasy this weekend. A charity rolled out the facility at the Kendal Calling festival in Cumbria to help users detect the potentially fatal ingredients in a bid to save lives. They promised that users who turned up get drugs including cocaine and ecstasy tested for the any toxic agents will not be arrested or face any criminal charges.