Max Cooper Presents ‘Seed’ Video Ahead of Emergence Tour

Ahead of his Emergence album tour Max Cooper has shared a video for ‘Seed’ made by Vincent Houze.

‘Seed’ is an exploration of the building blocks of living expression. Linking the basic emotional expression of the human voice delivering simple chord structures, to the early expression of living morphologies.

The music is part of the story of early multicellular life, where simple forms were being explored, and the beginnings of experimentation with structures that could compete for nutrients in a water environment more than 500 million years ago before life on land had begun. The link was about simple, beautiful living form and structure.

“Vincent Houze did an amazing job of making this early life, and the ebb and flow of the ocean, dance to the music. If you watch carefully, every movement and change in visual structure is linked to tonal changes and rhythms in the music. Of course, it’s not biologically accurate, it’s Vincent’s interpretation of the story, as it’s not supposed to be a science lecture. As with all of the Emergence content, it’s primarily designed to point us towards the beauty of natural processes and systems, and their links to how we feel. The feeling conveyed also makes me think of the fragility of these systems, in light of the bleaching of many reefs in recent times, by rising sea temperatures.” – Max Cooper


Max Cooper Emergence Tour dates:

27th- Amsterdam, Paradiso
28th- Dublin, Opium Rooms

2nd- Copenhagen, Lille Vega
3rd- Oslo, The Villa
9th- Bristol, Imax Aquarium
10th- Luxembourg, Rotondes, Multiplica Festival
18th- London, PrintWorks
25th- Berlin, Funkhaus

3rd- Edinburgh, The Caves
4th- Nottingham, Brickworks
10th- Victoria, Australia, Babylon Festival

Further dates to be announced.