Markantonio celebrates 20 years in the game with All Night Long tour and trio of new EPs

Techno luminary Markantonio celebrates 20 years in the game with All Night Long tour and trio of new EPs

Over the last 20 years, Markantonio has risen up from the Neapolitan techno scene to truly make his mark on the global scene. A powerful producer, electrifying DJ and label boss and manager of a number of vital outlets as well as being a shrewd A&R, his influence cannot be overestimated.

“My biggest motivation is to try to pass on the message of rebellion, diversity and uniqueness with which techno was born in the 90s, and of course transmit it to new generations,” says the artist who has constantly evolved throughout his career while staying true to his underground values. And that is what explains why he has been so successful for so long. That and the fact he comes at things from the dance floor so really understand what it takes to move the crowd as a DJ and producer.

A BPM and Boiler Room regular, Markantonio is often headlining the likes of Awakenings, Sonus, Cielo, Amnesia and many more, working his EQ and filter with real skill while serving up dynamic grooves. Meanwhile, his production career started when he collaborated with Davide Squillace and Marco Carola, and from there he has gone off down his own path, with his own brand of energetic, atmospheric techno. It has come on labels like Adam Beyer’s Drumcode, Sleaze, Alchemy and Tortured, always exploring a timeless sound but from many different angles, moods and tempos.

His own label, AnalyticTrail, is an influential one that has helped shape techno. It has had tracks licensed for the Amnesia Ibiza compilation of the summer mixed by Paco Osuna and went on to open up his name outside Italy as well as build the national scene. As well as his solo works he has frequently collaborated with Rino Cerrone as well as working closely with the legendary Joseph Capriati and Mauro Picotto, and giving a platform on his label to legends like Luigi Madonna, Davide Squillace and Cari Lekebusch who are all proudly part of the roster.

From 2011 to 2014 he was label manager for Cerrone’s Unrilis and Looose Records but also produced Joseph Capriati’s debut album on his AnalyticTrail. Markantonio’s own first album “Musichemistry” came on AnalyticTrail and was an ambitious affair that found the Italian explore everything from electronica to tech ouse and melodic techno, while an EP on Snatch also demonstrated his tech house skills.

To mark his 20th year at the top, Markantonio is heading out on a special tour around Europe that will see him play all night long sets at a range of special clubs, including back home in Italy. What’s more, the production future is just as bright for this enduring tastemaker: he has three big EPs coming on Unrilis, AnalyticTrail and Intec. One is solo, one with Lerio Corrado and one with Atroxx and they all reconfirm he is a leading light in the global techno scene.

Markantonio all night long x All These Years at Duel – Napoli

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