Marco Shuttle releasing new album on Spazio Disponibile

For its ninth release, Italian label Spazio Disponible looks to countryman Marco Shuttle for a first full length. Entitled Systhema, it comes three years after his last album and finds him again focussing on an absorbing ambient techno style across eight enthralling cuts.

Shuttle runs his own Eerie label and favours a cinematic techno style that is cavernous and absorbing. He layers sound in subtle ways and has a meticulous attention to detail that has also seem him release on New York’s The Bunker, Peter Van Hoesen’s untouchable Time To Express and Clone SOS.

Things kick off with the spooky ambient piece Adfrit, with its gentle pads bringing an oriental feel as glassy percussive tinkles dangle in mid air. Thebe is a little more propulsive, with gentle drums unraveling beneath more exquisite synth sounds and warm breezes up top. Despite being so empty, it is a hugely evocative cut, as are the rest: they range from deep and hypnotic techno rollers like the starry I Fail You Fall to more suspenseful ambient works like Eris.

Later on, subliminal rhythms on Con Sequence are more implied than explicit, Venera is rippled with electric static sounds, Olga has a mind melting chord sequence rising up and down the scale and Ende is intense ambience that is heavenly and escapist. Always operating in a region where ambient, techno and heady soundtracks become one, with this album Marco Shuttle once again confirms he is one of the finest sonic sculptors out there.

Marco Shuttle’s  album on Spazio Disponibile that will be out on Monday 9th of May. Listen preview below.

a1. Marco Shuttle – Adrift
a2. Marco Shuttle – Thebe
b1. Marco Shuttle – I Fail. You Fall.
b2. Marco Shuttle – Eris
c1. Marco Shuttle – Con Sequenza
c2. Marco Shuttle – Venera 3
d1. Marco Shuttle – Olga
d2. Marco Shuttle – Ende