Marco Carola faces possible seizure of property following new lawsuit

Marco Carola faces a new lawsuit that could result in the seizure of property and “millions” in earnings, as RA reports.

The Italian DJ’s former promoter It’s All About The Music SL has filed the lawsuit, joining forces with superclub Amnesia, which recently won a court ruling to stop Carola performing anywhere on the island except Amnesia, Diario De Ibiza reports. (Should he break that, he could face a fine of €2.4 million.) His Music On residency is due to launch at its new home, Pacha, tonight.

In addition to seeking “millions” in damages, It’s All About The Music SL has asked the judge to seize Carola’s assets and the salary he earns from DJing. This is to ensure funds are available should he be convicted and forced to pay.

A lawyer representing It’s All About The Music SL told Diario De Ibiza that Carola “has broken the contract he signed with us just like with Amnesia.” They also added that their client lamented the “traumatic breakdown in relations” between the two parties.

Carola will have to appear before a judge in the coming days.