Man found with 10 MDMA pills at festival Escaped Conviction in a Funniest Way


An Irish raver found with 10 MDMA pills at Ultra Music Festival las weekend has escaped conviction after he argued the party drug is “not strong enough” in Australia and all of the pills were for his personal use, as Rave jungle reports.

The drugs were detected on his person by a sniffer dog, which alerted the authorities. According to the report, the authorities immediately questioned the Irishman and he was “nervous” and “visibly shaking” after the drugs were discovered.

When an officer asked “be honest, do you have any drugs on you?”, he admitted he had drugs in his underwear. Police uncovered a plastic resealable bag filled with coffee grounds and 10 pills of MDMA during a search in a private tent.

After pleading guilty to the charges, the judge ruled that the incident did not warrant a conviction due to the small amount of drugs involved and the fact that the man had no criminal record.


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