Man Found Guilty For Acid Attack in London Club (VIDEO)

Closure for the alarming event that happened in London club back in the April has finally come. Man found guilty for acid attack, we wrote about earlier this year.

According to The Guardian, a man by the name of Arthur Collins, who throw acid on at least 20 different people at the Mangle E8, claimed that he had no idea what the substance was and that he stole it from some other unidentified person.

According to a report, Collins was sitting back and laughing at the bar while people ran and screamed in panic. Collins was charged with five counts of grievous bodily harm and nine of actual bodily harm at Wood Green crown court on Monday. His friend, Andre Phoenix, who was with him that night of the attack was dismissed of all his charges after investigators confirmed he had no idea of Collin’s plans.

Video of event published by  The Guardian is available below.

Via: Ravejungle