Make Techno In Minutes With This App

Gadget for iPhone and iPad has practically the same functionality as the Mac version, but on the desktop you get to see all 4 main sections at once!

Make Techno In Minutes from now on! So these techniques can be translated to the iOS apps, just using one of the 4 interface sections at a time.

You can download the tutorial here.

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Korg Gadget takes a unique approach to instruments, beats and loops. Click here for walk through by Hollin Jones that will show you how to get up and running quickly and be making tracks in no time.

Make Techno In Minutes

When writing a techno track, it’s important to understand that technology isn’t merely the means by which we create and finish the music – in techno, the technology is the instrument! Effects such as delay are used to create interesting rhythms from short blasts of sound, which are then experimented with to create a song’s main elements. It’s this creative and progressive use of effects processing that forms the ‘non-human’ aspect of the genre that’s so engaging, resulting in sounds that the real world cannot emulate.

Although techno started life in hardware samplers, synths, mixers and drum machines, today it’s commonplace to create a track by working completely in-the-box within your software of choice

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