Luciano Shares A Statement About Drug Use And Recovery

‘Today I am 1 year old , my rebirth day’

Cadenza label boss, DJ and producer with more than 2 decades long career, shared his personal message regarding drug use and recovery.

‘One year ago in took one of the strongest decision and change in my life , i started to live honestly with myself and it sounds very easy but actually was on of the biggest game change i had
It is now time for me to share, speak about the past year of my life , the moment i stopped suffering in silence and took a decision that was going to take me on a entire new journey in my life , exactly one year ago i started a rehab in a place called Dara in Thailand’, wrote Luciano.

‘I wanted to make a point about it because… I felt so close to what happened to Tim [Avicii],” he says. “That loneliness, isolation and especially the feeling of not being understood was generating high levels of anxiety, depression… so like lots of other artists I found a cure to an unexplainable disease through any type of drugs, medicine and alcohol’.

‘It’s almost 130 gigs a year I am doing at the moment,’ the Swiss-Chilean artist says. ‘Thank god I have a precious family, team and friends that help me through the major change… they make sure no one pushes me from that cliff again.’

Read his statement in full here.

Today I am 1 year old , my rebirth day One year ago in took one of the strongest decision and change in my life , i…

Gepostet von Lucien Nicolet am Freitag, 4. Mai 2018