Lopezhouse sign with Diynamic

The Manchegan duo is an unstoppable reality, who’s last track will be released on Diynamic, Solomun´s label.

On 5th May the ninth edition of “Four to the Floor” will be released, the very successful series of compilations from the indispensable and always influential Diynamic. A compilation that contains those tracks that the label´s founder and essential figure in the electronic industry Solomun personally chooses with regard to their nature of breaking dance floors. A selection which is not easy to beat having in mind that Solomun is the one that tests the tracks in his own performances before deciding the four fortunate ones. But once again, Lopezhouse have become one of the few Spanish artists capable of achieving this, passing the exam with great marks, and their track “Dark Place” will be included in the next edition of “Four to the Floor”.

2017 is being one of the most prolific years in Lopezhouse´s career in respect of their work in the studio. To their previous release on Exploited, they now add this one on Diynamic and one on John Digweed´s live album on Output NY, commercially available, in which we can be found the Manchegan´s track “Crosses & Angels”. And on top of all of this, there are a lot of very important releases still to be announced.