London’s ‘No Real Value’ releases an hypnotic EP with field recordings from Yorkshire

Fresh to 2017: London based, No Real Value brings hypnotic rollers with complimentary late night vibes and breaks.

The Rhubarb Triangle EP compilation is No Real Value’s third release and it’s foundations are composed from William Green’s (Aggborough) set of field recordings captured in Yorkshire, UK.

Newcomer K.I.T.T’s track Barber Cut Sulphur sets the EP into motion with solid four-to-the-floor bleepy atmospheres and Aggborough continues his additions to No Real Value with the subtle gem Forced Rhubarb Centre of the World which swirls between grainy drums and deep atmospheres while the title track The Rhubarb Triangle is a breakbeat driven stepper with contrasting lush chords to boot. With previous 12″ releases on labels such as Unknown to the Unknown, Ford Foster‘s tracks Ramblers (Set On Fire) and the digital bonus West Bretton Confusion are a set of pulsing minimal vocal sample led tools which continue his signature hard-hitting no nonsense approach to techno and beyond.

The Rhubarb Triangle EP on No Real Value is out on the 22nd of February with a small press of hand stamped 12″ with linocut graphics by Alpa Dewani.

Listen to Snippets below.